Have you ever searched for a webcam of an animal to show your students? Maybe one that was in real time so the students could see what is taking place at that moment? Well this is the site for you. I will be adding to this list new information and links for teachers to be able to find out more about webcams and look at some for education and the classroom.

What are Webcams?

Webcams are digital cameras that stream there pictures or video over the internet. Some of these cameras are taking still pictures that refresh ever few moments, while others are video that streams constantly. Some of the ones that are at different content provides (namely zoos) have the ability to control the angle and movement of the camera, as well as zoom in with the camera on an area.

How/Why would I use them in the classroom?

One way to use a webcam in the classroom is for showing students a different location without actually traveling there. How fantastic would it be to discuss England and then take a quick look at a webcam pointed in London. This would give students a chance to see the world without leaving the classroom. With that in mind, it is real time, real world viewing so you may need to think about what time of the day or night it might be at your point in time. This can also lead to some fantastic discussions about time zones and hemispheres.