What is Social Media?
Social Media is a term used to discribe different social networking sources. Many of the sources I'll be posting have to deal with the internet. Social Networking is a very powerful tool that allows people to connect with other people that share common likes or dislikes. This can be through friendship, relationships, classmates, family, or beliefs. Through this connection people can communicate, share ideas, meet new people, voice their opinion, or just plain "network." One huge benefit to social networking online is that you can connect with people all over the world!

What do you do with Social Media?
You can do many different things with Social Media. Communication, networking, collaboration, and even store/share data are some of the different things you can do. Some people use their computer to access Social Media, while others have added the use of their smart phones to do it as well. Some people play games and can get sucked in to the "play" side of Social Media, but that is an aspect I'm trying not to focus on, but more the educational uses.

Can students use Socail Media?
Yes they can... and they do! The problem is that many of the students do not understand what they can or should share online. We need to understand that students will use these social media services if we want them to or not, and they will find ways to use them in school. There are ways to use these tools in school and they should be used, but students need to be educated in the proper use.

How do we protect students using Socail Media?

One of the best ways to protect students while they use Social Media is to teach them! Many children do not understand how easy it would be to learn information about them from what they share on Social Media sites. Anything from a comment about what they will do after the game Friday night, to a picture of them selves with a school shirt on. This simple information seems safe, but can be used to find out where the student is and what they are doing. Helping the students to understand privacy and acceptible posting can go a long way to protect them... at home or at school.