Welcome to Smartboards. We will be posting information about Smartboards and how they can be used in the classroom. You will also find some helpful information in the discussion area, as well as some samples of lessons once we get everything goin. Please share your ideas on how the Smartboard is being used in your classroom or building.

What is a Smartboard?

A Smartboard is an elctronic interactive whiteboard. It allows a teacher to control everything about their computer from the board. It is a tool that with a projector can use all electronic ink which means no clean up or allergies. The board also captures all the notes that are writen on it so that a student that is absent will get the teachers exact notes not a copy from a student.

How do I use a Smartboard?

Well to start, you start by touching it! There are many different types of interactive whiteboards on the market today. Some respond with a stlus, but Smartboards respond with a touch. To get going, plug the Smartboard into the computer and hook up a projector to the computer. Turn everything on and get ready to touch the board. In the Smart Tools you will find a tool that allows you to orient your board, this will tell the baord were the image the projector is displaying is, so that when you touch something that is projected it will activate the board.

What is Ink Awareness?

When you have thh Ink Aware feature turned on, it allows you to make changes and write directly innto a piece of software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. This feature allows the teacher to stand at the front of the room and continue to use the software instead of having to move from the board to the ccomputer every time they want to add information. The Smartbaord software does have a virtual keyboard, but sometimes it is just easier to write it on the board.

Will the Smartboard change my class?

I've heard many people ask this question and I'm not sure exactly the best response. In some ways yes it will change the classroom. The students will be pulled into the technology and want to touch it and use it. The technology also adds a level of computer control for the teacher at the front of the room, so the teacher can control the computer and the classroom from the front the room. On the other hand, it is only a tool for the teacher and students so in theory the teacher is still the main focus and it should not effect the students to dramaticly.

Personally, I find that techn ology increases the students attention andinterest in a topic, ss I feel that the Smartboard is a benefit to the classroom.