This page will be dedicated to websites that are free or mostly free.

This is a living document with information being entered and deleted regularly. As new sites are found, they will be added into the lists by subject area. As this list is now electronic and in a wiki, it will grow a little slower as I can now make different sections of the wiki house information. This will hopefully allow you to find information quickly and effortlessly.,2817,2361876,00.asp - Here is another interesting article. It is full of all the best FREE software you can download or as PC magazine thinks is the best. They have a description of each software and a link to download it. I'll move this link into a different category in a month or so, but for now thought it would be good on the main free page.

Well I found an interesting site and I'm not sure what to list it as. The site offers a student, teacher, and parent component. The site is 100% free. For teachers there is a curriculum section ,forums, and video library from NBC. Check it out if you get a chance, and create a free account.

Hotchalk -

Read an interesting article that someone else passed along to me. It has to do with teachers and internet... and social networking sites. It may not be applicable to all the people who read this wiki, but I thought it might be interesting to pass it along. I will add the link into a category as well, but it is posted here for a quick read. I'm not posting this saying I agree or disagree, but as information for people to read.

It is broken down into several different categories which all link to sections in the Discussion area:

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