Been a while since I've posted. Sitting in training classes for Assistive Technology. This is fantastic and I hope to add many new links for special

education teachers.

New Additions:

MORE New Links added this week (12-13-11) Home, Tablets.

A NEW page has been added called Tablets in the Classroom. It will include information about apps and devices for schools.

Here is another interesting site who needs a home: and once I figure out where to put it I'll place it. It is a very interesting site with links, and lists broken down by topic in ELA and Social Studies.

Found a great site called eSchoolNews: and I'm trying to figure out where best to place it. It offers videos, articles, k-20 grade level information, and more.

Sweatmonkey: is a site created by a student to help find and track community service hours that schools require for graduation. I may find a place for this site, but for now I want it on the main page to show it off!

Welcome to Tools-4-Teachers. Check out all the different pages as well as all the discussions! I've noticed that more and more international visitors are stopping in. I'm excited to think that people from around the world are incorporating technology in the classroom. I hope that you find information useful to you, and please feel free to pass the wiki along.

I was looking at some statistics for the site and I found out that many people from other countries have stopped by for a look and to see what is on this site. I'm always happy to see people from around the world looking for ideas for education! Here is a list from 2010 and it keeps growing each month (15 countries not counting the US):
CA - Canada, AU - Australia, HK – Hong Kong, NL - Netherlands, DE - Germany, IL - Israel, CN - China, GB – United Kingdom, IE - Ireland, PE - Peru, IN - India, EG - Egypt, MY - Malaysia, RU - Russian Federation, BD - Bangladesh, QA - Qatar

WHAT??? Still not using Delicious??? I've added more then a hundred new links in Delicious... not using it or following me yet... you might want to give it a try! Delicious is a social bookmarking site that allows you to access bookmarks from any computer as well as search bookmarks that have been saved by friends. Great way to find everything you might need on the web!

What's New?

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Tablets in the Classroom
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