With the release of Microsoft Office 2007, there are some changes to how Office looks and works. I have been looking for some tips and information on these changes and will post them as I find them. If you have some information please hare it here so that we can add to this information.

In addition to some tips and info about Microsoft Office, I'll also post some alternatives to Office. There are several free alternatives as well as online alternatives. If you have not tried some of the online alternatives, it is worth the time! You will need to create an account for them, but they are worth it.

Tips and Tricks for Office

Are there alternatives to Microsoft Office?

There are many different alternatives to Microsoft Office. Many of these are free so that teachers can find resources that do not break their budgets. Several of these are disccused in the Discussion Threads in this section as well as the Open Source section. Here are a few with links to there websites.

Open Office - This site offers free downloads for Open Office. Open Office offers a similiar experience to Microsoft Office with a presentation software, spreadsheets, word processing, and data bases. Open Office can save a many different file formats as well as open many different file formats.

Online versions of similiar software

YES! You can find several different online applications that will be very comprible to Office. The online versions offer something that traditional office just cannot, and that is the ability to save the information to the internet and access it anywhere in the world. Again, the online versions are differnet and many of them are in beta stages which means they are not perfect, but they are growing and being updated frequently.

ZOHO - ZOHO is an online alternative giving you access to word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and conferencing. As ZOHO is all online (including saving) there is no need to downlaod or even worry about what software is on a computer... just internet access. If you can get to the internet, you can get to ZOHO.

ThinkFree - ThinkFree is an online service similiar to Office. It offers 1 Gig of storage space for your documents, the abilitity to collaborate with other users, and they have a word proccessing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. They also have a reader for reading other docuemtns. It requires a username and password for use of the software.

Ajax13 - Ajax13 is another online Office suite. They have a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing tool software available. They have also added a music player. It requires a username and password for use of the software.