I have been asked by many teachers if there are resources online for different holidays. Well there are! I'll be adding more information to this list as I find it and I'm not going to favor one holiday over any other. Take a few moments to read through the information on this page, but look through the lists in the discussion are for links and lists of websites and resources.

Jack-o-laterns, ghosts and goblins... Well it must be Halloween time again. As fall rolls in so does Halloween! A time that many kids run around looking for candy (treats) or offering up some mischief (tricks) hence the phrase "trick or treat." If you are looking for some games, activities, clipart, coloring pages, or something to print out for the class; take a look in the discussion area or click on the link in the name to check it out.

What did happen at the first Thanksgiving? Who was really there? Did they really eat turkey? There are some many questions about the first Thanksgiving and about celebrating this holiday. Well, if you want some interactive fun or ,maybe some facts, or just some printable resources, take a look and see what is new for sites for Thanksgiving.

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat... or at least we think he is. Looking for some facts about Christmas or maybe some recipes and songs? Looking for some interactive activities or some clipart? Well then follow the link and check out the discussion area on Christmas sites you can use.

Habari Gani? This means "What's the news?" Well I've found a few sites with information about Kwanzaa that I wanted to share with everyone. I hope you find that interesting and informative. As I find more I'll add them as well, seeing as this holiday is coming the end of December.


Forth of July

Memorial Day

Columbus Day