Teaching has been an interest of mine for a long time. I started out by teaching swimming lessons when I was in high school and college. I then took it a little further and worked at a summer camp for visually impaired youth, which is when I decided to go into that field as my major in college. From there I got my degree in Special Education for the Visually Impaired and Elementary Education. I then moved several times along the East Coast (NH, MD, and NY) working as a special education teacher. I taught everything from residential school to public school, and kindergarten to high school. Back in 2000 I then decided to change my focus and turned to technology. I had always incorporated technology in my classes, but now I wanted to work with teachers to show them more about technology. In technology I focused on helping teachers incorporate technology in their classrooms and with their students. So many students have a fantastic grasp of technology, and I was there to help the teachers get to that same comfort level.

Gaming is also an interest of mine. I enjoy many types of games from board games to card games to online games/video games. I have seen some great games that can be used in education to promote critical thinking and so much more. I would really enjoy seeing game clubs started in schools so that students can get the same enjoyment and learn some new skills and concepts while being in school. So many schools do not have clubs like this, but if you look at all the benefits from gaming, I think more schools might take and interest.