So with all the talk and hype with Google I created this section to look at some of this talk. You will find links to many of the addtional sites that Google offers as well as many of the services that they offer.

Search through the Discussions for links, searches, and fun with Google. If you think Google is just a search engine, then you need to take a closer look!

Google also offers phone services now. Check out the text services that you can now recieve through Google.

Isn't Google just a search engine?

No! Google is so much more then just a search engine. Many people are just starting to realize what they can do in Google.

How can I use Google in the classroom?**

Carefully! Remember that Google is not a closed search engine and you can get almost anything in a response to a search. BUT, that does not mean that you cannot use it in the classroom. Google does offer a tremendous amount of videos and images that can be looked at or used for classroom discussion. They also search the whole web (again not a closed search) so they will come up with thousands of sites as a result. Some of the more interesting uses are listed above with the concept of not being just a search engine. When students can use Google to convert or do math, it becomes more like a calculator; or to look up definitions, more like a dictionary.