This page will be for looking at games in education. Some people do not like the term "games," so as you look at some of the discussions you will notice that many are actually simulations that allow the students to work through a situation or problem.

There will be links to games as well as articles. Some of the games are pretty heavy hitting and are not appropriate for all age levels. There are games that cover current events, social situations, natural disasters, and so much more. Some of the games are also great for social networking, which is a skill students are already working on when they get a chance at home.

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Why games in Education?

Well for starters, why not? Games are part of many students lives. Some of these games are elctronic, while others are board games, card games, or out door games. No matter the job or its type, there is something that can be looked at for education with a game. Lets take a look at a few ideas regarding games in education.

1. Students love to play games. So if they love to play games then why not bring games into education. That love of a game can then be used to help motivate students as they learn. Motivation can be a very power tool in the classroom. It can lead to better classroom behavior, high scores, and more interest in a subject.

2. Many games help build critical thinking skills. The type of game is not important, but that fact theat most games push the student to think about something and make discissions. This could be what to build, where to move, or who to make an ally. These skills help students think outside the box and to think about p[ossible consequences to actions they might take.

Are games in Education effective?

Accountability is one of the most feared words as it means many people will not try something new because if it does not work, they will be held accountable. Also ,with NCLB and all the testing, no one wants to have students struggling with soemthing new, which goes right back to accountability. So the burning question on many individuals minds would be "are games in education effective?" To that I would say YES!

Well as this topic has had several books and many articles written on the topic, I'll high light some of m reasons for liking games in eduction. I'll add some links in that will help point you in the right direction for more information on the topic as well.