Blogs are not new, but many people are just starting to take a look at them, especially for education. With all these Blogs out there, what are some that are worth looking at? I'll be posting some as I find some that I like. Please feel free to add some more as you see them. I'd like to make sure that all the Blogs are for education and not just random information.

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog? A Blog started out as a Web Log, which was then Weblog, which was shortened to blog. For some people a Blog is an online diary of sorts that allows them to write down events in their life. For others Blogs are a way to communicate information and to allow others to give feedback.

I have been doing a lot of looking at Blogs for educators and with some help from Karen, I've started to compile the list a little more. In the discussion area you will find a number of Blogs for and by educators. If you use any of these Blogs or read them frequently, let me kow as I'm sure it helps to have other comment on what they like and don't like in a Blog. Maybe oneday this wiki will geet nooticed by some of the Bloggers out there and they will comment on there on Blog.